Online casino games, best USA and UK casino guide

There are a lot of online casinos.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit quite a few of them, and most provide the standard fare of games and features.  Gold VIP Club, however, takes online casino gaming to another level.  Gold VIP Club touts a standard of customer service and gaming excellence that they deliver on.

Gold VIP Club recognizes that customers are the lifeline of any business establishment.  As a result, they haven’t followed the current trend of excluding American players.  USA players are more than welcomed to come and enjoy the services of Gold VIP Club.  And service is what Gold VIP Club is all about.  Many online casinos look to imitate the lights and glitter of the Las Vegas strip at the expense of quality gaming.  USA players will appreciate that Gold VIP Club immediately dismisses any notion that they may have followed suite.

USA players will notice a no frills homepage.  Instead, players will find an elegant layout that directs the eye to the various features that Gold VIP Club offers.  The menus are neatly arranged, with a minimum of promotional ads.  Gold VIP Club doesn’t attempt to overwhelm players with gimmicky marketing.  Gold VIP Club takes the novel approach that their product will sell itself.

What players will immediately notice about the Gold VIP Club product is that it is not necessary to download the software in order to begin playing.  Gold VIP Club offers USA players and others the choice of either downloading the software or playing from their browsers.  I found this to be a very handy feature.  If players choose to download the Gold VIP Club software, they will find a streamlined process that takes about 5 minutes.  Considering the fact I wasn’t using a high-speed internet connection at the time, this was an excellent transfer rate.  Those who have a high-speed connection can expect download times to be no more than a couple of minutes.

Players who don’t want to download the software prior to trying out what Gold VIP Club has to offer have this choice as well.  New players can check out Gold VIP Club hassle free.  Gold VIP Club allows games to be fully playable from the player’s browser.  This feature is not a simple demo.  Playability is not diminished with either choice.  USA players and others also have the choice of either playing games for fun or placing actual wagers.  Wagering from the browser, however, does require the player to have an account with Gold VIP Club.

Becoming a member of Gold VIP Club is also free of any undue aggravation.  Registration takes about 3 minutes.  Once registered, a player has access to all of the general membership benefits and bonus options.  With the host of benefits and options available, there is no doubt that Gold VIP Club sets the standard for online casino gaming.  USA players and others have high expectations when deciding where to invest their time and money for gaming entertainment.  Gold VIP Club recognizes this and responded by producing a superior online gaming experience.  Gold VIP Club is, and will continue to be, the first choice for those looking to experience online casino gaming.

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Some Tips To Help Make You a Successful Online Poker Player

The world of online poker seems to be gaining popularity and players by leaps and bounds everyday. Many people enjoy the convenience of being able to engage in a good poker game from the privacy of their home, and quite a few players have actually turned playing online poker into a profession. There are many online poker games offered, and it would take quite a bit of time and study to become a master at all of them, but there are some basic online poker tips that can be applied during any online poker game that could increase your winning odds.

Before playing any new online poker game, it will be extremely helpful to learn how to use the software first. It sounds like a little thing, but where money is concerned you definitely don’t want to adopt a play as you go strategy.

When choosing an online poker site, research your options. Some sites will offer sign on bonuses and free money which will allow you to learn to play with little financial risk. You also want to make sure you are going to be playing on a secure sight, and maybe even review their privacy policies, before you give them any of your personal information.

One of the most useful online poker tips is to learn as much as you can about your opponent. Many players will do this by keeping a log of opponents they meet, and how they play the game. Doing this will allow you to familiarize yourself with other players strategies, perhaps even learn how to apply them to your own game. At the very least, you will be better equipped to win facing that particular opponent the next time you meet them at the tables. You should log information regarding how that player places his bets, whether he plays it smart or makes rookie mistakes, and any notations you can make regarding bluffs or tells he likes to use.

A good common sense online poker tip is to train yourself to bet within your means. Have a budget set aside for play, and when you spend that pre-set amount, learn to walk away from the table. People do make money at online poker, but you have to know how to be smart and learn when it is time to quit. You should never play the game when you can’t focus your full attention on it, if you are overly tired, or have something on your mind. If you get on a losing streak, be smart enough to come back another time, and not keep playing thinking you are just having a bad luck streak that will end soon.

Learning to bluff is a good skill for any online poker player. If you can use mind tricks or distractions to make other players make mistakes, then it will definitely be to your advantage. It is important to learn when and how to bluff, and if you use the same bluff too often, other players will definitely be on to you. A good bluffer can often turn a bad hand into a good hand just by fooling the other players.

There are virtually thousands of online poker tips and hints available on the web, and even more in poker books and resources. You should try to learn as much as you can about gameplay and winning strategies to help you become a more successful online poker player.

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The truth about online casinos

Online casinos are losing thousands of customers every day

The online casinos have one holy grail: To make the player experience as realistic, easy and enjoyable as possible. After all, the more the player enjoys the experience the more often they will play. The more often they play, the more chance of engendering some loyalty and – to be completely blunt – the more likelihood that the casino will make more money. “But the industry is failing to deliver this”, says Jon Hingston, of independent review site Casino Genie, “losing them thousands of customers everyday.”.

It has only been in the last 2 years, with the huge advance of gaming graphics and sound cards that players are starting to feeling differently about the gaming experience. However, online casino review site PlayGrand Casino released some figures recently suggesting that online casinos are failing in too many areas of their player relations process which is negating the advances in graphics. So now once formerly loyal customers are disengaging and looking elsewhere for fun. And those that do engage are creating a portfolio of sites where they will play dependent on bonuses and size of the prize. Casino Genie asked 1000 online gamblers to review eight online casinos using 14 different ranked criteria. The results are startling.

Hingston says, “The choice of online casinos available to gamblers is seemingly immense. There are hundreds of new entrants with multiple sites and numerous new games. We thought that this might make the larger players more focused and up their game. In fact, what our survey revealed was that the larger players are starting to lose their way in a number of areas. The message is loud and clear from players about what they expect from their online casino. ‘Listen to my requirements. Always make me feel special. And entertain me or I will leave you forever as there are many other places I can spend my money.’

Customer service was, across the board, scored low for the larger players, with the exception of two UK online casinos. Simple things like human contact is ranked highly, with 78% of players rating it highest in the customer service problem handling section. Most online casinos find this too expensive to facilitate so don’t promote it.

More worryingly players felt that casinos did not offer enough advice on what types of games would suit them best; instead they felt casinos were only interested in driving losses, much in the same way credit card companies used to be accused of loaning debt to those who could not afford it. Now credit card companies have been reined in by regulations. Of those surveyed 84% want online casinos to be held more accountable and to be more transparent about statistical chances of each game.

Beginners were turned off by overly complicated terminology and overly complicated gaming rules. Free games areas written in a more each manner encouraged 51% of beginners to sign up within 3 visits to a site.

Player endorsements or reviews were seen by 63% of all beginners and intermediate players as a very positive component of a casino site. And increased ‘trust’ levels ’significantly’.

UK online casinos fared little better than their international casino cousins.

Whilst seen by 82% as less pushy, even the best UK online casinos ranked little more than 62% for over all player gaming experience, compared to 54% for international casinos.

So in summary, service is a key differentiator in what is becoming a fragmented marketplace. If the big boys like 888 and Inter

Casino focus on the customer rather than the product it will be game over for new entrants. But like many other sectors big equals bland experience and players will vote with their fingers and search for a better experience.

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Go Casino Review

Go Casino – Online casino accepting USA Players.

Overview: Go Casino is a leading brand of the same group who brought us the world famous and most favorite casino of many people: Golden Casino. It is licensed by the Curacao Internet Gaming Authority and powered by software from Vegas Technology. “Go Casino” hit the headlines when it launched with the largest welcome bonus in the online casino industry.

Go Casino Software

Vegas Technology is one of the leading online gaming software providers. The software is available in the Download version and in the Instant Play version. The software has been certified for fairness by Certified Fair Gambling, which is an independent expert agency. The software offers all features for customization and convenience that are prevalent in the industry.

Go Casino Games

Go Casino offers the complete range of Vegas Technology online casino games. The games are classified as Table Games, Slots, Video Poker and Specialty Games. Table games include the popular land casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps. Card games based on poker such as Casino Hold’em, Tri Card Poker and Progressive Caribbean Poker are also offered. The bulk of the games at Go Casino are online slots. The slots games have high quality graphics and audio and animation effects. The three reel progressive jackpot slots like Red White & Win draw a lot of traffic. The video poker games come in single hand and multi hand formats.

Apart from excellent casino games, Go Casino hosts a wide range of scheduled online tournaments on a continuous basis. Most popular are the Big Prize Pool slots tournaments that offer guaranteed prize pools of $50,000 and more. Many of the online slots tournaments have very low buy-ins and are suitable for new players. Go Casino also hosts online tournaments in blackjack and video poker.

Go Casino Bonuses

Go Casino offers an unprecedented welcome bonus of up to $20,000. This can be availed over the first 20 deposits. Against each deposit players can avail a 100% match bonus up to $1,000. Another great feature of these bonuses is that the wagering requirements are only 10 times the bonus and deposit. However players need to note that a minimum deposit of $25 is required each time and that the bonus has to be redeemed within 48 hours of making the deposit. New players are also given four free entries to online tournaments of their choice. Other bonuses offered at Go Casino are Pre-Paid Gift Card bonuses and Weekly Online Surprise bonuses.

Go Casino offers a 9 tier VIP program. By wagering more and collecting more reward points players can move into higher VIP levels. At higher levels players get more favorable reward points redemption, better reload bonuses and a higher percentage of cash back on losses.

Go Casino Payment Methods

Go Casino accepts and transacts only in US Dollars. A number of deposit methods are available to players. These include pre-paid gift cards and credit cards of major companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The common electronic payment options like Neteller, Click2Pay and Moneybookers can be used by players residing outside North America. Credit cards cannot be used to withdraw funds, but the electronic options can. In addition the check and bank wire options are available for withdrawal of funds.

Go Casino Support and Security

Go Casino offers a FAQs section so that players can directly find resolution to common queries. The customer support operates round the clock and seven days a week. North American players can contact customer support using a toll free number. All players can contact customer support by e-mail.

Go Casino has put in place required physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to ensure security of personal information and financial transactions. All financial transactions pass through Secure Socket Layer 3.0 technology to ensure that data is protected.

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Texas Hold’em Poker – Knowing Your Odds

In texas hold’em poker tournaments there will be situations where you are trying to make a hand and you will be faced with a decision as to fold the hand or call a large bet to stay in. In these situations if you know the odds of you making your hand then you will be able to make an informed decision.

There are many factors to consider when deciding weather or not to “chase” a hand in texas hold’em poker. One factor is if you make the hand will it be the winning hand. Another factor is what does your opponent have and is he chasing a hand. If he is chasing a hand what is it likely to be, and if he makes his hand will it beat your made hand. The final factor to consider is what are the odds you will make the hand your “chasing”.

First of all you should take some time to study some of the common hold’em strategy and tactics. This way you will know what starting hands are likely played in given situations. Also you should have some understanding of the common methods of hold’em poker. This will help you to identify opponents hand strengths by the way they play a given hand.

I think it would be good to cover a few of the common hold’em poker hands you will find yourself chasing. Below are some of the most common situational hold’em hand odds:

1. Your starting hand is ace of clubs and 4 of clubs. The flop contains two clubs. Now you have four clubs of a flush and you only need one more club from the next two community cards. What are the chances you will make your flush? The answer is you will make your flush 54% of the time. If you miss the club on the turn then you are down to a 24% chance of getting it on the river.

2. Your starting hand is ten of hearts and ten of diamonds. The flop comes and there are no tens in it. What are your chances of making your set. The answer is only 9% of the time will you make your set on the turn or river. If you miss your third ten on the turn your chances of making your set on the river drops to 4%.

3. Your starting hand is eight of clubs and nine of spades. The flop is 7-10-2 all of different suits. This gives you and open-ended straight draw. You now only need a jack or a six to make your straight. Your chances of making your straight in this situation is 46% to make it on one of the next two community cards. If you miss it on the turn you are still 21% to make it on the river.

Another important factor when determining your odds of making a given poker hand is how many players folded their hole cards and what that can tell you about there starting hand strength. This intern can give you some idea of cards that may still be in play. Also the number of people in in any given texas hold’em poker hand greatly effects the hand strength of many starting hands. An example of this is that with a table of ten players playing texas hold’em poker the top five starting hands according to hand strength and hold’em hand odds are A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J,A-Ks. However; When only six players are in the hand the top five starting hands according to hand strength and hold’em hand odds are A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J,T-T. Notice when less players are in the hand the pocket tens have a higher starting hand strength and better hold’em hand odds than the ace-king suited.

When there are only two players in a hand(heads-up) the top five starting hands according to hand strength and hold’em hand odds are A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-Ks,A-K. Notice in heads up play the ace king suited and ace king off suit have a higher starting hand strength and better hold’em hand odds than pocket jacks and pocket tens. This should give you some insight into what pocket cards are best in different situations. Your hole cards may be have a great starting hand strength at a full table, but the same pocket cards may be at a disadvantage just because there are less people at the table or in on the poker hand.

Texas hold’em hand odds have to be put into the right context. Just because your starting hand strength is higher than your opponents doesn’t mean you will win. It doesn’t even mean you are necessarily more likely to win. The only thing starting hand strength means is just that. Starting hand strength. To illustrate my point I will use an example. Say your starting hand is pocket aces. Your opponents starting hand is also a pocket pair.

You have only a relatively small advantage over your opponent. This is because you will win the hand if no one improves their hand or if you improve your hand. Your opponent has the same hold’em hand odds of making a set as you. So even though your opponent has his pocket twos against your pocket aces if there is a two in the community cards and no aces you will lose just the same as if he had pocket kings and made a set of kings. The mathematical probabilities are the same. However; it is more likely the aces will win because in two of the three possible outcomes the aces would have the higher hand strength.

Perhaps a better example would be the same starting hand of pocket aces against a king and queen of the same suit. The starting hand of pocket aces can only be improved for the most part by one of the two aces remaining in the deck coming out in the community cards. The king queen suited has a higher probability of making two pair than the aces do of making their set. Also the king queen suited has the possibility of much higher hand strengths like a flush and straight. Again the starting hand strength of pocket aces is very high, but as you can see there would be many cards that could come that would give the king queen suited the winning hand in the end. In this example the pocket aces still have the starting hand strength and hold’em hand odds to their advantage so more often the pocket aces would win.

Finally you have to understand that all the hold’em hand odds take for granted that your two hole cards are known, the community cards are known, and treats the remaining cards as unknown. What this means is if your starting hand is pocket queens and two of your opponents starting hands contain a queen then your chances of making a set of queens isn’t very good. In any given poker hand the cards of your opponents can only be guessed at and it is in studying their behavior over time that will help you make this determination. Taking into account hold’em hand odds and starting hand strength are tools to be part of any texas hold’em poker players decision making process. In doing so your chances of winning any given texas hold’em poker hand will be greatly increased.

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