A Photoshoot with Jasmine

I went on another photoshoot with a friend of mine, Jasmine. We both wanted something simple, yet classic. In conclusion, we went for a vintage/red theme. To achieve this look, a simple (white) dress is needed and accessories with a hint of red.

Some Tips & Tricks to South East Asia


(Tips and tricks to south East Asia)

My Trip Itinerary: Saigon >> Bangkok >>  Pattaya >> Ban Phe >> Kho Samet
  • Things to do in Bangkok:
    • Grand Palace
    • Siam Park City
    • Wat Pho
    • Safari World
    • The "real" Floating Market
    •  Khao San Road
  • Tips From Personal Experiences:
    • Pack light! Pack shorts, tank tops, light materials that can dry over night. Thailand is hot and humid most of the time. But don't forget to pack 1 or 2 t-shirts with sleeves and pants/dresses that cover your knees for temples. 
    • Bring money! Like in Asian restaurants in the States, "Cash Only" signs are everywhere. Asian people don't really believe in debit/ credit cards, so be ready to use cash for everything in Asia. However, I do get nervous when carrying too much cash around, use a Charles Schwab debit card.  This card is the hands-down the best debit card for travelers. It has no international transaction fees, no currency conversion fees, no monthly maintenance fees and no annual fee. 
    • Bargain! I know some people don't believe in the concept of "bargaining," but the locals will rip you off on everything. And trust me! It will add up!!!!
    • Use Tinted Moisturizers, instead of foundation/powders! I am never a big fan of wearing makeup in the summer--not speaking of the humility of Thailand. I usually use bb cream or tinted moisturizers in Asia because it has SPF and water resistant ingredients for the skin. You don't want to have those cakey/droopy face and panda eyes on your vacation.  It is really a trade off between beauty and comfort!
    • Use AGODA.COM for hotel reservations. Hands down, the easiest and cheapest solution to find hotels around Asia.  Sometimes the pictures on the website can be "VERY" deceiving. Read the reviews and do your research before booking any hotels.
    • Ask or bring a map! Ask your hotels for a map around the region. It's important to know where you are and where you are going to. 
    • Don't carry fancy purses/iPhone with you. Avoid wearing fancy purses or accessories in Asia. It's not safe! And for phones, buy one of those 1940's phones that has the battery's life span up to a month. My friend got her iphones stolen twice on the trip. Just be careful~ things can happen when you are least expected. 

I took a month off from my school life and traveled to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. For now, I will just post pictures from my Thailand trips because I have more than 2k pictures from different countries! And I don't have time to go-over, pick, and upload all of them. Here are some pictures from my iPhone.
 Our hotel was located right on Khao San Road
 Cheap clothes! But You still have to bargain.
Compare the exchange rates to at least 5 different 
stores, before exchanging your money.
 Don't eat or buy the food on or near Khao San Road!
 Expensive and not that great
 Grand Palace! 5000 Baht (~17$) for foreigners. 
Maybe ask the locals to buy you the tickets for cheap!?
 Remember to wear shirts with sleeves and 
pants/dresses that cover your knees! You
have to buy clothes if you have shorts or tanks
on. It's literally paying respect for the Buddha.
baptizing my head with the lotus water
My 2 good friends :]
Tuk Tuk! Ask for the price before riding one.


 Our hotel has a killer view and an infinity pool!
 We love coconuts!!!
 A fiesta for under 20$
I used an underwater iphone case for these pictures

 Our balcony from our hotel
 The Tiffany's Show
 WARNING: You have to pay to take pictures with them
 Look at all the BOYS~
 He got tricked into taking pictures with them boys~~
 The Tiffany's Show: Doesn't live up to the HYPE
 Fish Massage!!!!
I screamed the whole time~!!! Too ticklish

Ko Samet

 Our Bungalow
 Reading the maps of the island
 We rent scooters to explore the island
 "O," the nicest resort on the island
 Driving a speed boat to other 4 islands
 Snorkeling is not my FORTE-- I drank to much salt water that day

 Lunch with the crew
 Yum yum~~
 gonna try to catch some SEA URCHIN
 I got some, and ate it raw

 Gearing up for zip-lining
 I zip-lined to the longest forest in Asia
 Best BBQ chicken in Thailand
 Thai's Creepes
 More food ...

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